E-learning projects

This microlearning is an interactive course about asbestos awareness. The authoring tool used was EdApp which allows rapid authoring of interactive, mobile-first training. This course is well-researched, peer reviewed and meets UK's health and safety standard for an asbestos awareness training.

This eLearning helps  job candidates give confident and effective responses in their interviews using the STAR Method. It provides information, examples and a practice activity through simulation of competency-based questions.

This Rise course covers one of a set of onboarding trainings for new IELTS coaches. The objective of this course is to orient experienced language teachers on the company's go to strategies for effective student and class management for online IELTS teaching.

This Thinkific course is an exam preparation course designed to help candidates ace their CCL Test-- an language interpretation exam for people who want to migrate to Australia. The course was carefully designed to provide a day-by-day set of activities that will reduce the anxiety of preparing for the exam with limited time, and will build skill-based confidence. The lessons were optimized to reduce cognitive load and mental stress for the learners. 


Instructor-led training